• 1. General intro
    Meet bSafe

    Your bSafe Lifestyle

    bSafe is your perfect lifestyle app to stay in touch with your friends and family members and enhance your safety everyday.

    Everyday Everywhere

    Works everyday everywhere in all countries. Simply install bSafe on your iPhone or Android phone to get started, and set up your safety net.

    Ultimate Safety Tool

    Perfect for everyday safety, and the ultimate safety tool if you ever find yourself in a n emergency situation. bSafe is always there for you!

  • 2. The map
    See Where Your Friends Are

    Meet Up Easily

    It´s so much simpler to catch up with your friends when you know where they are. bSafe will keep you all updated on each others locations.

    Hide When You Want

    Hide if you don´t like to share your location. In case of an emergency or when you use Follow me and I´m Here, your location will of course be shared for your safety.

    Navigate Safely

    With bSafe maps you both have all safety features at your fingertip, and your map for safe navigation. We´ve even included a flashlight for you to use any time it´s dark!

  • 3. Guardians
    Unlimited Friends

    Add All Your Friends

    The more Friends you choose, the safer you are. Add all your friends and family as your bSafe Friends for a bigger and better safety net.

    Choose One As Primary

    Choose one person as your primary contact. In case of an emergency this one contact will not only receive a text, but also be called.

    Help Each Other bSafer

    Friendship is mutual. When one Friend accepts, you are automatically that person´s Friend too. Help each other stay safer!

  • bsafeyou-iPhone5-Alarm-Activated

    Help Is One Tap Away

    Help is only one tap away with bSafe. When bSafe You is open on your screen, it forces the screen to stay open for safety right at your fingertip!

    Video, Voice, GPS & Siren

    If alarm is triggered you set off a siren (optional), and bSafe starts recording video and voice as well as broadcasting your location…all at once!

    Collects Evidence

    Video, voice, location and time stamps are all stored securely in our servers. you always have access if you need to share this data with the police.

  • 5. Follow Me
    Follow Me

    Never Walk Alone Again

    Invite friends to walk with you via live GPS trace with bSafe. Now you never have to walk alone again!

    Know Who´s There For You

    When Friends accept your invitation and join your journey, bSafe notifies you immediately. This way you always know who is watching over you.

    Invite As Many As You Want

    Invite one, five, or twenty. It´s up to you how many people follow you.

  • 6. Timer Mode
    Timer Mode

    Perfect For Jogging

    For jogs, hikes, or active times, choose Follow Me with timer. Define how long you want bSafe You to follow your every step.

    Automatic Alarm

    If you have not checked in on time, the bSafe alarm will automatically trigger and alert all your Friends. Don´t worry, you can always update your timer as you move.

    Full Trace

    Your Friends will get access to your full trace from when Timer Mode was activated.

  • 7. Fake Call
    Fake Call

    Bad Dates

    Blind date? Set your bSafe Fake Call on 60 minutes and have your bestie Fake Call you to make sure you have an excuse if needed.

    Long Meetings

    Gotta out of that meeting? Have your sister Fake Call you in 30 min or whenever, for the best excuse to get away.

    Awkward Situations

    Urgent? Make the phone ring now! Your phone ringing and you speaking can often be all that´s needed for a smooth get away.

  • 8. I'm Here
    I´m Here

    Private Check-In

    Let that close group of friends, 1, or a few, know where you are right away with private check in. Facebook is not always the right place to share.

    Super Easy

    Just one click and it´s shared. Fast and easy. No need to spend time finding the address of your current location.

    Perfect For Meet Ups

    Ever had your friends asking you the address of the cafe you are meeting at? If you are already there, simply tap I´m Here to share.