Charlen Larsen Co-Founder

Charlen was a victim of rape of two of her friends. She felt guilty and shameful, started with self-harm, depression and thoughts of committing suicide. Time has been her best friend.

The incident changed her life forever. Together with her father, Rich Larsen, she started to develop an app to prevent rape from happen and have evidence when it already has happened.

Now she is ready to help other girls and boys. She believe bSafe will deter potential sexual abuse and rape and mean the pioneering features will be groundbreaking in the fight against rape and other types of abuse.

Rich Larsen – Founder

Rich experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when his daughter, Charlen, was raped at the age of 16 by two of her friends in 2012. This incident changed his and his family’s lives forever. Today, father and daughter are working together to prevent other families from going through the same.

  • This has become our (my daughter’s and my) mission. For every rape we can prevent, we JUST NOT ONLY HELP the victim but, we also HELP the whole family, saving them from worries and pain in years to come. We wanted to develop an app that can help prevent pain, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide among girls and boys.
  • All the services we develop are carefully tested both technically and in user surveys. We also have developed a prototype of bSafePublic, a web platform for alarm centers and college campuses.
  •  As part of our international expansion, we have now established offices in New York City and Philadelphia, says Rich Larsen