Rich Larsen aquired bSafe in May 2017

Rich experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when his daughter, Charlen, was raped at the age of 16 by two of her friends in 2012. This incident changed his and his family’s lives forever. Today, father and daughter are working together to prevent other families from going through the same. Rich incorporated Mobile Software and started the development of Safyy, an app that could help prevent rape and help with a conviction.

In May 2017, Mobile Software AS acquired Bipper Communication AS, which owns and developed the award-winning bSafe application. By combining our best resources-Safyy and bSafe-we will launch an, improved bSafe full-scale during Q3 2017.

“This has become our (my daughter’s and my) mission. For every rape we can prevent, we JUST NOT ONLY HELP the victim but, we also HELP the whole family, saving them from worries and pain in years to come. We wanted to develop an app that can help prevent pain, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide among girls and boys.”

“Being raped is terrible, but that’s not the worst part. It’s what comes after that, what it brings with it.” says Charlen.”I felt guilty and ashamed and started down a road of self-harm, depression, and thoughts of committing suicide…”

I have spoken with many girls who have been in the same situation.  They told me it has helped them a lot to tell their story and move forward.

“Time has been my best friend. Now, I am ready to help other girls and boys and tell my story to prevent rape from happening and to have evidence in case it already has happened.”