Mobile Software develops Safety-and Security software for mobile phone and alarm centers. The software provides new groundbreaking features to prevent crimes like violence, sexual assault and rape, as well as evidence in cases where it has occurred.

The company is partnering with alarm centers, mobile operators and mobile manufacturers in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin Amerika, as well as companies, non-profits and organizations in the US with a focus on safety and security.

Mobile Software AS is supported by the Research Council of Norway who invest in research and innovation that builds knowledge for a sustainable future and meets major societal challenges.

Mobile Software AS (MS) incorporated Mobile Safety Technology Inc. (MST) in Delaware in the US in July 2016.  MST is operating as a fully owned subsidiary of MS with the rights to use the bSafe brand and IP for operations within North America.

bSafe is the most in-demand and beloved personal safety app in the global market and with our B2B partner-driven go-to-market strategy, bSafe is well-positioned to become a disruptor of the public safety and security market during the next 1-3 years.

Some of the specific and critical benefits bSafe can deliver to enable faster, more accurate actions by first responders are:

  1. Ability to trigger an SOS alert through voice command: The first minutes are critical to outcomes in medical emergencies and several other emergency scenarios.  bSafe focus on the first response time interval, reducing the time between the onset of the chief complaint and the emergency dispatch.  Valuable seconds are wasted if the caller has to find the phone in the pocket or purse and open the app before triggering the SOS button or give a call.  In some instances, it might also be beneficial to trigger SOS alarm in a less conspicuous way as with bSafe.
  2. Location and tracking service: Overlay of technology to provide ears and eyes and quick and meaningful dispatch to first responders.
  3. Transmittal of personal data: Mandatory and optional user profile information that can be beneficial to first responders when every second counts, e.g. photo, date of birth and medical history.
  4. Transmittal of live audio/video: Live streaming of audio and video helps explain a situation as it happens from victim or bystander`s perspective towards to call centers, e.g who and what is the nature of the threat, what is the behavior/progression of the threat, possible escape routes, etc such data helps improve the call center`s response and first responder`s preparation for the engagement.
  5. Recording through live streaming: Audio and video is automatically recorded and stored in a database to provide evidence in cases where an incident has occurred.  Even if a perpetrator destroys the mobile phone for any reason, everything that happened until then is automatically sent and stored.