Jada Pinkett Smith about bSafe

I see potential for solving real issues for children and parents and anyone looking for solutions to increase their security.

Jada has actively been advocating for the rights of human trafficking victims and for researching anti-trafficking tools, and she quickly realized the impact bSafe could have when Willow introduced the app. bSafe is an app that can help the young, the old, and anyone at risk-everywhere.

bSafe is a safety service that can easily be used by anyone,” says Jada. “Users can ask for help, provide important information about their location, and preserve evidence through video recordings with one click on their mobile phone. Everyone needs a service like this.

Smith called bSafe
To be called up by one of the most famous families in the world telling you that they are using one of your products and want to work with you is unreal, absolutely amazing!”

We are joined by amazing people. People with a real passion for our product and the potential of the company. The fact that they found us because they were looking for a product like bSafe, and that they are superusers, makes this even more exciting. It’s a dream come true for an entrepreneur.