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Mobile Software AS develops Safety and security software for mobile phones and alarm centers.  The security app helps prevent crimes like violence, sexual assaults and rape, as well as be able to provide evidence in cases where it has occured.

The Company is partnering with alarm centers, mobile operators and mobile manufacturers in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America, as well as companies, non-profit and organizations with a focus on safety and security.

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Erik O. Ronningen, Principal, Consolidated Consulting Group LLC- SAFEinvestigation

New statistics show nearly 1 in 4 woman (25%) on campuses are sexual assaulted.   WIth bSafe, I immediately recognized the value this safety app will bring to American Colleges, University`s and High School`s.    From a Life-Safety and Security perspective, bSafe brings significant value and deterrence.

Roy Rosser, Patent Agent at R.R (Princeton)

Protecting students, particularly coeds, from sexual predation is currently a major concern on almost all US college campuses.  Your bSafe product will make a huge impact, both on the prevention of such incidents, and on the ability of college authorities to deal with those that do occur in a firm, but just and fair, manner. Not only do I predict that it will it be a huge commercial success, but I also think that it is also potentially a societal game changer.                            

Nils Knagenhjelm, Experienced consultant, advisor and investor

I have two daughters so this is something I and millions of other parents can relate to. Many female college students are victims of some sort of sexual assault so this is a huge problem that needs to get more attention. bSafe is a great app that is designed to help prevent and deter assaults from happening.