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We partner with colleges, campuses and high schools dedicated to preventing sexual assault, rape, and violence. By becoming a bSafe partner, you are showing a commitment to your students and the movement to end sexual assault.

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Erik O. Ronningen, Principal, Consolidated Consulting Group LLC- SAFEinvestigation

New statistics show nearly 1 in 4 woman (25%) on campuses are sexual assaulted.   WIth bSafe, I immediately recognized the value this safety app will bring to American Colleges, University`s and High School`s.    From a Life-Safety and Security perspective, bSafe brings significant value and deterrence.

Roy Rosser, Patent Agent at R.R (Princeton)

Protecting students, particularly coeds, from sexual predation is currently a major concern on almost all US college campuses.  Your bSafe product will make a huge impact, both on the prevention of such incidents, and on the ability of college authorities to deal with those that do occur in a firm, but just and fair, manner. Not only do I predict that it will it be a huge commercial success, but I also think that it is also potentially a societal game changer.                            

Nils Knagenhjelm, Experienced consultant, advisor and investor

I have two daughters so this is something I and millions of other parents can relate to. Many female college students are victims of some sort of sexual assault so this is a huge problem that needs to get more attention. bSafe is a great app that is designed to help prevent and deter assaults from happening.