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January 9, 2019

Alison Maloni
Alison May Public Relations
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bSafe App with Groundbreaking Features


January 8, 2019-  “I called my brother and shouted on the phone: -You must help me, Charlen has been raped.”  Those are the terrifying words of Rich Larsen; a father who just found out his teenage daughter was raped. In 2012, Rich’s daughter Charlen was raped by two of her friends. The incident changed his and his family’s lives forever.

Today, Rich and Charlen are working together to prevent other women and families from going through the same nightmare with the world-leading safety and security app bSafe. In the fight against rape and sexual abuse, bSafe developed voice alarm activation, live streaming and automatically audio and video recording.

 According to RAINN, sexual assaults happen ever 98 seconds in the United States. 1 in 5 women over 18 years of age are raped or attempted rape. At college campuses 1 in 4 women are raped or attempted rape.

 We wanted to develop an app that can help prevent pain, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide among young girls and boys,” says founder and CEO Rich Larsen and his daughter and Co-Founder Charlen Larsen

Rich Larsen- CEO/Founder

Charlen Larsen-Co-Founder/Survivor

New Features

This bSafe app is providing brand new opportunities, because both audio and video recordings provide new insights into what actually happened. This app works deterrent with its siren-like alarm, an alarm that will make the attacker think twice about doing what he has initially planned on doing.

The supplier of the app, Mobile Safety Technology Inc. has developed pioneering technology that will make women safer. The app includes new features such as voice activation, live streaming and downloads of recordings, which makes the app unique worldwide.

Users can activate the SOS button by voice even if their mobile phone is placed inside their pocket, purse or jacket. They don’t need to press the SOS button. Their guardians can see and hear everything in real-time through live streaming. Both audio and video recordings record up to 5 minutes. When activating the SOS button, the guardians will receive an audio alarm and they will be able to see the users location and see and hear everything that is happening in real-time in area where they are. Everything is automatically recorded by using bSafe’s audio and video system.

Both audio and video recordings are instantly sent to the guardians simultaneously; therefore no information is lost, even if the perpetrator destroys your mobile phone. bSafe has additional features like Follow me, Fake call and Timer alarm.


Everyone who downloads the app receives a 7-Day free trial with all features included and connect to the AppStore/GooglePlay.  Users have the option to pay $7.99 per month or an $5.99 per month/$71.88 per year.


Vouchers for parents, corporates and organizations

bSafe offers vouchers for anyone to purchase the app with one year of safety-and security for their children, members, employees and give peace of mind everywhere they go.


bSafe for college campus

The company has developed a platform for public safety to make college campus and cities safer.  Mobile Safety Technology Inc has recently signed an MOU with Drexel University in Philadelphia and had initial meetings with the Attorney General`s office in Pennsylvania about College Campus Safety.


The App Could Have Saved Them

Two sexually assaulted women Andrea Voldum and Charlen Larsen who have struggled with a lot of pain, self- harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide thoughts say that the new bSafe app will be groundbreaking in the fight against rape and other types of abuse.

“If I had downloaded such an app on my cell phone, I could have alarmed my guardians when I noticed that the drug I was given without my consent started kicking in,” Andrea Voldum says.

Now the two young women want to share their own stories and help prevent what they have gone through.

Rich Larsen, founder and developer of bSafe is in the United States for the next two weeks and is available for interviews. Please contact Alison Maloni of Alison May Public Relations at 413.478.4481 or to schedule an interview.

Twitter: @getbsafe

User statements about bSafe

-I love this app! It gives me and my girlfriends peace of mind everywhere we go. Love knowing I have all my friends with me whenever and wherever I need them
Sandra S, USA                                                             

-This is hands down my favorite app! I live in a pretty safe area, but my girlfriends and I always use bSafe when we go out. Since we are all each other’s bSafe Friends, someone is less likely to get ditched, and we can easily walk home alone safely
Frida O, Norway

 -This app does one amazing thing for me every single day: it gives me the confidence to feel safe in doing the things I love to do. Thank you, bSafe, for giving me peace of mind
Zoya S, UK

 -With bSafe my husband doesn’t have to worry about me anymore – and neither do I! It’s the perfect app to get out the door and just do what you love to do every single day with peace of mind, knowing you are connected to anyone you care about!
Mercedes M, USA

 -bSafe app is my personal hero. I have no problem walking by myself in heels to meet up with friends in the city now cuz they are always with me on bSafe. Thank you for creating this!!!
Camilla B, UK

 -It is so easy to use! I just tap the bSafe app, slide my phone into my pocket, and stay worry-free wherever I go.
Gigi Ibrahim, Egypt

 -I use bSafe every day! The interface is super fun and so easy to use. I always set up a timer for a Fake Call when I’m on blind dates. It’s the best exit strategy!
Danielle J, USA

 -We all have a friend who’s always running late for the girls’ night out. Well – I’m her. I love that now I can find my friends at a party when the music’s too loud for them to answer me
Sandra H, Norway


Statements from the United States


– Protecting students, particularly coeds, from sexual predation is currently a major concern on almost all US college campuses.  Your bSafe product will make a huge impact, both on the prevention of such incidents, and on the ability of college authorities to deal with those that do occur in a firm, but just and fair, manner.  Not only do I predict that it will it be a huge commercial success, but I also think that it is also potentially a societal game changer, helping ensure not only personal safety, but also as a tool to help ensure fair and equal justice for all members of the community
Roy Rosser, Patent Agent at R.R (Princeton)

– New statistics show nearly 1 in 4 woman (25%) on campuses are sexual assaulted.  From a LifeSafety and Security perspective, bSafe brings significant value and deterrence.  I first met Rich Larsen and his daughter, Charlen, in NYC in June 2016.  I immediately recognized the value this safety app will bring to American Colleges, University`s and High School`s.  Across the broader horizontal spectrum, bSafe has a high degree of potential success
Erik O. Ronningen, Principal, SAFEinvestigation, Author of the award-winning book; From the Inside Out, Harrowing Escape From The Twin Towers in World Trade Center, September 11, 2001

 -I’m very impressed with Rich Larsen’s determination to bring awareness to a topic which is so personal to him and his family. I have two daughters so this is something I and millions of other parents can relate to. bSafe is a great app that is designed to help prevent and deter assaults from happening. bSafe is a very promising product which has been created out of passion and desire to make a difference.
Nils Knagenhjelm, Experienced tech advisor and investor

– I was introduced to the bSafe technology in New York. The presentation was striking, particularly as the idea for the product emerged from the founders daughters own bad experience.   I can see this being well received by multiple groups here in the United States, not only including women, but other groups who are at risk. I think this has lots of powerful potential both as a business entity and to the safety of society in general.
Michael Batt, President USAlliance Consulting, Principal

– I am intrigued with your timely and unique invention offering potential victims of any crime the opportunity to instantly communicate their need and precise location during a time of distress in code fashion to police, family and friends. Further, the ability to record both voice and visual evidence during the incident increases the odds of success of capturing and prosecuting the perpetrator. This could very well be one of the most important apps for anyone.
Bob Oros, President, Business Development Resources, Inc