bSafe provides groundbreaking new features to make you feel safer

SOS button

Activate the SOS button by touch or voice.  Your guardians will get a sound alarm with your location and they will be able to both see and hear everything in real-time.

Everything is automatically recorded by audio and video and sent to your and to your guardians cell phones.

Voice Activation

Simply activate the SOS button by voice even if your cell phone is placed inside your pocket, purse or jacket.

You don’t need to press the SOS button.

Live streaming

When the SOS is activated, your guardians will get your location, after which they will be able to see and hear everything that is happening in real-time via live streaming.


When the SOS is activated, audio and video are automatically recording and the recorded file is sent to your and to your guardian's cell phone.

Your guardians

Set up your own personal security network of friends and family (guardians). Invite as many as you want.

Follow Me

Invite guardians to walk with you via live GPS tracking-now you never have to walk alone again! When guardians accept your invitation and join your journey, bSafe notifies you immediately.  This way, you always know who is watching over you.

Fake Call

Get your phone to call you and get out of unpleasant or threatening situations.

I`m here

Check-in and share your location with selected people.  This is nice if you need to be picked up / brought. Sends your exact location

Timer Alarm

Define how long you want bSafe to follow your steps, and if you have not checked in on time, the bSafe alarm will automatically trigger and alert all your guardians


bSafe works as a deterrent with its siren-like alarm, an alarm that will make the attacker think twice about doing what he has initially planned on doing.

Enable and disable with one touch.


This Is Why Our Users Love Us...

Bob Oros

Bob Oros, President, Business Development Resources, Inc

I am intrigued with Rich’s timely and unique invention offering potential victims of any crime the opportunity to instantly communicate their need and precise location during a time of distress in code fashion to police, family, and friends. (more…)

Michael Batt

Michael Batt, President USAlliance Consulting

I can see this being well received by multiple groups here in the United States, not only women but also other groups who are at risk. I think this has lots of powerful potential both as a business entity and to the safety of society in general.

Erik O. Ronningen

Erik O. Ronningen, Principal, Consolidated Consulting Group LLC – SAFEinvestigation

New statistics show nearly 1 in 4 women (25%) on campuses are sexually assaulted. From a life-safety and security perspective, bSafe brings significant value and deterrence. (more…)

Nils Knagenhjelm

Nils Knagenhjelm, Experienced consultant, advisor and investor

I’m very impressed with Rich Larsen’s determination to bring awareness to a topic that is so personal to him and his family. I have two daughters, so this is something I and millions of other parents can relate to. (more…)

Make bSafe part of your life and never walk alone again