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Get Started

Is bSafe You compatible with all phones?
You and your guardians need to have an iPhone (iOS version 6.1 or above) or an Android phone (Android version 2.3 or above) to install the app.

Does it cost anything to use bSafe You?
Nope! All features are free. bSafe You will use some data when using maps, and it contacts Guardians through call and text when using the alarm. The costs for this depend on your carrier plan.

Does bSafe work all over the world?
bSafe You has you covered in all countries. We recommend that you check with your service provider for SMS, calling, and data fees before using bSafe abroad. bSafe You, like all other location-based apps, will require data to work.

Can I register for bSafe You without connecting my Facebook account?
Yes, simply open the app and tap “Login without Facebook” to register with bSafe without connecting your Facebook account.

My Account

How do I change my account phone number?
All you need to do is email us your current and desired account phone numbers at support@getbsafe.com. Once we have changed the number, you logout of bSafe, if logged in, and login with your new number.
Note that your friends might see two entries for you now: one with the new correct number and a pending one with the old number. They can simply delete the pending one.

How do I reset my password?
If you are logged out of the app and have forgotten your password: tap Login without Facebook, enter your mobile number, and tap the Forgot Your Password link. An email will be sent to you with a randomly generated password. If you are logged in and want to change your password: tap on the menu drawer on the top left, tap on My Profile, tap the Password field, and enter your new password.

bSafe Friends

How many Friends can I add?

Add as many as you like! The more you add, the safer you’ll be. Since it’s all free, take the opportunity to add contacts for when you are in your workplace, at school, on your running trails, and everywhere else.

How do I delete a bSafe Friend?
You can easily delete Friends whenever you want to. Simply click on the Friend you want to remove from the Friends screen and choose “Remove”.

I have invited a bSafe Friend, but the person is still pending. What do I do?
Simply tap their profile icon on the “My Friends” screen, and you’ll see an option to remind him/her to accept your request.


Are all my bSafe Friends alerted when I activate the alarm?
Yes! All your Friends are notified immediately and have live access to your location. Your Primary Friend receives a call while all others receive an SMS.

Can I silence the siren that goes off when I activate the alarm?
You can mute the alarm by tapping the sound icon on your home screen when you want to quietly activate your alarm.

How do I make sure other people will not cancel my alarm?
bSafe You ensures safety stays in your control with the option to set a pin code. If you activate the pin protection (find it on the Alarm Settings page ), your selected 4-digit pin-code is required to deactivate the alarm or turn off Follow Me.

Can I customize my alarm?
Absolutely! View all your options on the Alarm Settings page (top menu) where you can add a pin code to prevent your alarm from being deactivated by anyone else but you, and you can even specify how long your alarm takes to activate after you tap the alarm button.

Is there a way for me to access my alarm when my phone is not in my hands?
If you choose not to carry your device in your hand, use Follow Me with Timer mode to make sure the alarm is auto-triggered after a specific duration of time.

Follow Me

How do I know which Friends are following me?
As Friends accept your Follow Me requests, their icons will show on the top section of your home screen. A sound will also be played to alert you that they have entered your map.

What is Follow Me with Timer?
Follow Me with Timer allows you to have bSafe follow you for a defined period. bSafe will track your movements continuously, and the alarm will trigger automatically if you have not checked in on time. bSafe will remind you when time is running out.The Timer mode works great to alert Friends automatically after a duration of time without disturbing them with a live Follow Me invitation during late nights and early mornings. Perfect for jogging!

Can I change the Follow Me time once the Timer has started?
Yes, just hit stop on your current timer and tap Update to set a new time.

Additional Features and Questions

Why doesn’t my phone go to sleep when I open bSafe?
Since bSafe is built for emergency situations, it doesn’t go to sleep. When you launch the bSafe app, it stays active, so security features remain quickly and easily accessible to you right when you need them. With bSafe open in your hand your alarm button is only a tap away.

Why does my GPS seem to not be working?
If your GPS reading seems off or inaccurate, check your device settings to ensure that location services are on and enabled for bSafe You. If it is still not working, please contact your provider or email us for further assistance.


Other Questions

What data does bSafe store?
bSafe stores data, so we can provide evidence to you in case you need it. The following data is available for you to access and share for alarms activated: 1. Location data for the whole active period of your alarm. 2. Event time stamp. 3. Video with voice recording

I have some suggestions for the app. How do I send feedback?
We love hearing from our users, and we continuously make improvements based on your feedback. To offer ideas, just tap the Feedback option in the menu section of the bSafe You app, and send us a note.